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Easy elderly exercises will give you ways to find health benefits,activities,outdoor fun, and ways to improve your body image as we approach old age. This will include secret simple methods to get slimmer,trimmer,stronger,more flexible,have more energy and have improvement in many areas of your health. Improvements in blood pressure,heart rate,lower cholesterol,lower triglycerides will be some of the benefits of easy elderly exercise. It will require a little effort-what good thing doesn’t- and will make you feel great-when the energy kicks in because of the endorphins chemical effects.

You will see the exercises and how to perform them painlessly and very slowly in the beginning. The benefits of getting more active on a pretty consistent basis will have dramatic, positive effects in many things you do. The key is activity and not being a couch potato. It is possible to slow the aging process and get back that enviable, terrific body image you thought was not possible for someone over 50. You will find many examples of us older seniors still dancing,bowling swimming and doing things you may not believe you can still do. For example, take Miss Pearl age 94 who dances twice a week, but not on the same two days she goes bowling.

It is very possible to change you shape even into the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. I was amazed at the shape of a 74 year old friend who did small amounts of exercise, all the time keeping it easy and simple and teaches horseback riding lessons on the side. We know only so well that we just don’t always do what we could at age 25,but that does not mean we must sit on the sofa watching TV because we think we are too old. It only means that with a little effort on our part, we can change ourselves. I have 2 more friends in their 80’s who bowl and go dancing regularly and do some serious fishing in the ocean.

As we also know that as people become old, their bodies become weak and they start losing weight. Health also starts deteriorating and your body is in danger of many dreadful diseases. Elderly people hence need special care apart from various equipment that make their life little easier and also safe. For example, elderly people are at far more risk of falling in bathroom and hence you may buy a shower chair that not only make it easier for them to take bath without the support of others, but also reduces the chances of falling in bathroom. There are many benefits of best shower chairs that we will discuss later in this article.

Elderly ExerciseCaution: anyone with medical issues, and at our ages who doesn’t, should just get a doctor approval for some easy,stimulating mild exercise. Getting an altered body image is as simple as doing easy elderly exercises and modifying diet, some of you think you are too old to make the changes, you will surprise yourself with a new look that is slimmer, trimmer, stronger,and as an added bonus you will have a new look, a new feel ,a new altered body image. That has got to make you feel good about yourself.

Why Elderly Need a Shower Chair

Elderly people with disabilities or that are confined to a wheelchair suffer much more than just limited mobility. If you have mobility or balance difficulties, taking a shower or a bath can be really risky business. At the end of a long day, it is a treat to unwind under a stream of hot water. Getting a shower chair is definitely a wise decision to make, especially if you or a family member is starting to experience mobility or balance problems. There’s a sense of needing and becoming dependent on other people when you can’t do the little things for yourself anymore and that can have a very negative impact on one’s quality of life.

  • For most people, it is a time to wash away the cares of the day, or wake up to the start of a new day.
  • But a shower seat can make your shower experience even more relaxing, providing you with a comfortable spot to sit and rest your tired feet at the end of the day.
  • A shower chair may seem like a very simple device, but the benefits it offers can make a huge difference in your life as well as that of your family.
  • A little bit of independence can go a long way when it comes to a person’s quality of life.
  • But, if you face physical challenges, the act of bathing can be scary at best.

Shower chairs for elderly 2018Simply take a seat and allow the water to wash away the stress of the day. These benefits will surely be well worth any amount you spend in buying the chair. Owning a shower or bath chair can help you be and feel more independent. Instead of putting your health at risk, you should know why the disabled and elderly need to use shower chairs. If you are sitting while in the shower, your legs won’t get tired.

Comfort – look for good ergonomic designs and the availability of waterproof cushioning. The warm water feels so good on those aching joints and muscles and you may find that you may finally be able to relax in the warm water and wash away any worries of the day. Shower chair has basic design in common. That gives you the time to enjoy all the benefits of a shower. Ease of cleaning – warm, humid conditions enable many moulds and other microorganisms to thrive so look for a chair with smooth, seamless surfaces and antibacterial, easy-clean materials.

A shower chair usually consists of several elements or parts. For example, by using an adjustable shower head you can have a steady, pulsating, or massage-like stream of water. These elements or parts include the seat as the main part, the legs, the arm rest, and back rest. And if the shower head is detachable, you can move that flow wherever you want on your body. Typical shower chair has two main features. Sit, relax, and let the shower water soothe away the pressures of your day. First, a shower chair has well-textured seat surface to prevent users from slipping out the seat.

Why Exercise is important for elderly

Benefits of exercise are many and they vary with each of us because we all are unique. So what will work for most may not work for some people. One example is ,some of us are allergic to sit ups. The fabled Jack LaLanne could do 1000 in one day. Does not work for me. But crunches-the belly exercise and not the snack food- do work. Later we will show the many varieties of crunches that do work for us. So, what to do. Different exercises will help different folks because of that uniqueness. (more…)

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There are two types of exercise in this context, aerobic and anaerobic. The term aerobic means “with oxygen”. So, anaerobic means the opposite of aerobic, or “without oxygen”. So if we are talking about aerobic exercise, we are talking about exercise with oxygen.

I know what you are thinking. “Isn’t any exercise we do with oxygen?” That is true, we have to breathe for every exercise, but aerobic exercise is a little more complex than that. Typically aerobic exercise requires the body to work over a long period of time and an anaerobic exercise is performed quickly. For example, a single 100m dash is an anaerobic exercise and a marathon is an aerobic exercise.

The energy that the body uses when performing aerobic exercise will come mainly from fat cells after your body has used the carbohydrates that your body has readily available. This is why you always hear that distance running is such a good fat burner. When you perform short duration exercises your body never gets a chance to tap into those fat reserves because it is being fueled by that pasta you ate the night before.

Almost any exercise can be made aerobic.  That 100m dash I was talking about earlier can also be made into an aerobic exercise by stringing a bunch of them together.  Other good aerobic exercises are running, hiking, swimming, dancing bicycling, and cross country skiing. You don’t need to have lots of equipment for doing a good exercise. In many cases, just a good foam roller in the only thing you need at home for doing exercise.  If you are looking for leading foam rollers in UK, then continue reading this guide. We will be discussing the top foam rollers of 2017 later in this article.

Use the following guidelines to choose, or to make, an aerobic exercise.

1.  Perform the action for at least 30 minutes

2.  Use primarily the legs (large muscle group, uses a lot of oxygen to operate)

3.  Anything that causes you to breathe deeply, but not be out of breath (you should be able to carry on a conversation).

4.  Keep heart rate above 60% and below 80%

Importance of Stretching

Stretching serves more than one purpose. The number one reason to stretch is to help prevent injuries. Having a wide ROM (range of motion), or flexibility as some call it, is going to prevent a lot of injuries that occur from falling, twisting, bending, turning, etc. That pretty much covers almost everything you do in a day. The reason having this increased ROM helps to prevent injury is because your limbs will be able to move a lot further before becoming strained.

Another benefit of working on flexibility is joint stability. This is increasing the strength of the little muscles that hold your joints together. Stronger, tighter joints is a good thing, especially was we age. Increasing joint stability will also improve your posture.

Stretching also increases blood flow to our muscles. This increase in blood flow helps with growth and repair. The more oxygen and nutrients your blood can deliver the faster you will recover from a strenuous workout.

Now, how do you stretch properly? Many of you have probably had some bad Physical Education teachers in the past who made you stretch before you did anything, didn’t you? He was teaching you something very wrong that could very well get you hurt at an older age. It is important that you do some kind of warm up prior to stretching. Stretching a cold muscle can cause injury. A 5-7 minute warm-up jog, brisk walk, bike ride,elliptical run, or whatever your favorite machine might be will be all you need. Spend about 5-10 minutes stretching the entire body.

After you stretch, your normal routine of weights and/or treadmill is fine. I would also recommend that you stretch the muscle you are working at the end of each workout you do. For example, if I just bench pressed, I would stretch my pecs, or if I just finished running I would stretch my calves,quads and hamstrings again.

Do You Really Need Foam Roller

As we said earlier, heavy exercise equipment are not necessary for most of us who do light exercise at home. We can though buy a good foam rollers that is not expensive and have great benefits. The benefits of foam rolling have to do with the mobility of the fascia. Again, from the things we do, this area can become shortened and affect the function of the hips and put additional stress on the low back. Regularly using a Foam Roller – especially a deep tissue massage roller – offers many of the same benefits as a sports massage, including reduced inflammation, scar tissue and joint stress, as well as improved circulation and improved flexibility. Foam roller exercises and other self-myofascial release techniques have become increasingly popular, and for good reason. Fascia is a fibrous layer of connective tissue that surrounds all of the muscles in our body. Foam rollers 2017

  • Begin by lying down in a plank position and place the GRID Roller just above the kneecap.
  • Regularly rolling pre and post workout will mean you will help prepare your muscles for the workout ahead and also help with post muscle recovery.
  • Partly that stems from a better understanding about the healing benefits of soft tissue care, or massage.
  • Without proper mobility, fibers of the fascia become cross linked and they bind to muscles and nerves, inhibiting normal motion and causing pain.
  • Slowly roll down (about an inch per second) towards the hip.

The principle holds that by applying direct and sweeping high mechanical loads to muscles and tissues, you stretch and massage the underlying tissues. Massage can ultimately become cost-prohibitive since unless you are an athlete or just have a few hundred extra bucks lying around, you probably opt infrequently for a massage as a luxury or a splurge more than a necessity. Many runners will stretch to try to keep their muscles healthy, but is stretching really enough? If you find a tender spot, stop and hold for about 20 seconds. This is believed to reduce thickening, adhesion, and tension of the fascia [connective tissue] and muscle, and can potentially reduce fatigue, improve recovery, and enhance range of motion.

A common example of a trigger point is felt while foam rolling your iliotibial (IT) band as it causes pain to radiate up to the hip or all the way down the leg to the ankle. A foam roller is a simple piece of equipment that anyone can use for self-myofascial release. Then resume the rolling. When rolling or working on tight/sore muscles you will experience discomfort or pain. Self-myofascial release, or self-massage, is a great habit for athletes and weight lifters alike.

After four rolls, bend the knee 4 times. Think of it like the pain you get while stretching. This is because the health benefits increase fitness at a very affordable price. Make sure to breathe through all of the rolling. For instance, a one-hour massage costs in excess of $50, while foam rollers are readily available for $30 and less. >Using foam rollers can reduce the risk of developing adhesions. Tissue adhesions are created as the result of collagen binding between layers of muscle. If a muscle is held in a specific position during extended periods of inactivity or overused during repetitive motions, collagen can form between the layers of skeletal muscle, which can create adhesions or knots that restrict the ability of muscle sheaths to slide against one another.

Choosing the right foam rollers in 2018

Best foam rollers UKIf you’ve already tried using a foam roller, you may have a love/hate relationship with it. For a deep tissue massage or core stability workout due to firm construction, You will need a hard foam roller. or yoga, pilates and stretching, use low density foam roller as they are more effective. Now depending on your pain tolerance and how tight your muscles are you’re going to need a different roller. It’s a little like a combination foam roller and lacrosse ball in that it covers more surface area than a lacrosse ball, but what most people really like to use this for is to make sure they’re avoiding a particular bone when they’re rolling, particularly the spine. The process of using the roller can be uncomfortable, but massaging knots (also called trigger points or myofascial adhesions) may help free your muscles of their grip. (more…)

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For generations gardeners, landscapers and farmers have been using compost on their soil to create a healthier environment for their plants, trees and produce. Compost is known to provide Nutrients to the plants around itself, along with the fact that it is environmental friendly, and provides the ability for the soil around the plants to hold some moisture. Making Compost for yourself can be beneficial for you, the environment and of course your garden. Due to the fact that compost contains waste that would of otherwise been deposited in landfills.

What is Compost

The making of compost can be traced back to around two thousand years ago. Back then the method was to simply put all of the material into one large pile, where it would be left until the following year, until it was used in the new planting season. More recently composting has become more mainstream from just farms and industry to being used in home gardens. The process has remained much the same as all those years ago, however we now make use of specially designed containers for storage and control of the compost. You can also use the best compost tumbler in UK for the better result.

Compost Making for your home garden may seem like a daunting task at first but its an easy task if you know the basics of it.

  • Fruit and Vegetable material is great for compost.
  • Grass shavings and other organic garden material makes a great base for compost.
  • You can purchase worms to add to the compost, for faster composting
  • Use a best quality compost tumblers in UK with no bottom to allow worms access to the compost and to drain excess moisture.

Benefits of Composting

There are many reasons for one to use compost in their home garden, whether it be environmental or nutritional. On this page we have a list of reasons to make and use compost in your garden.

  • Compost is organically created and use material that would have otherwise been thrown out.
  • Compost provides nutrients for the soil and in turn plants it is put with.
  • Compost helps to hold moisture for the plants to access.
  • A healthier soil due to compost means a healthier plant.
  • Compost is cheaper than other artificial soils.
  • The nutrients compost provide is healthier than artificial sprays.

Compost Barrel: A Tool For Organic Gardening

best compost tumbler 2017Growing an organic garden is never easy. Everything requires natural—from fertilizers to pesticides—in order to harvest agricultural produce devoid of the effects of synthetic chemicals. In ancient days, fertilizers were mostly natural, derived from decomposed state of the biodegradable wastes harvested from pits on the ground or from heaps of them.

Today, however, there is no need to dig deep and many holes to cook organic fertilizers, or to make heaps of the ingredients just to use organic fertilizers for the plants. A compost barrel can do that for you. Introducing the unique and handy approach to producing excellent fertilizers for your plant, compost barrels are particularly crafted so the organic ingredients are properly and quickly processed in six weeks or eight, depending on the technology of the barrel.

When you gather together the needed ingredients such as the greens and the browns, and mix them on a compost barrel, you will find yourself rotating the barrel instead of turning the compost pile from a heap, to facilitate aeration, and ensure insulation in the next couple of weeks. Barrels for composting are fashioned in such a manner that your biodegradable wastes are broken down by the microorganisms until the wastes are processed into humus—the black soil that is the by-product of composting.

Humus or compost is known for its nutrients, specifically potassium, phosphorous, and nitrogen, which are all needed by your agricultural or garden soil. These nutrients are the foods for your soil and plants. When you feed your soil with compost, you are nurturing the plants planted on such soil, enhancing their healthy growth. Soil when used with synthetically-based chemicals from fertilizers, become damaged over time. Thus, any crops produced from such soil will be of poor quality, not to mention the impact of the chemicals on the nutrition value of your fruit and vegetable produce.

Because humus produced from compost barrel only uses natural ingredients, it only has benefits to provide. Of course, it is not that simple. You have to be choosy on which ingredients should be included in the admixture and which should be discarded. Although compost is manufactured from wastes, not all of wastes are amenable for decomposing. Meats, fats and oil are particularly banned. If you include an ingredient that is not recyclable, it will affect the quality of your compost, and eventually, your organic garden.

Also, a compost barrel has a rule to follow: turn it over, roll it to the ground, rotate or spin it, depending on its aeration system. Aeration stimulates the oxygen to ventilate the compost pile inside the barrel so the microorganisms responsible for recycling the wastes into organic fertilizers can breathe. This is also the only way to make it certain that your composting is not anaerobic, which can instead harm the organic garden soil. The ancient method of composting was done in the open, hence, people of their time used pitchfork or rake to mix and turn the compost pile to allow equal air circulation.

Composting does not harm the environment and your health, a stark contrast when you use artificial method of caring for your garden. If you have not tried composting, now is the time for you to get a compost barrel and experience the rewards of recycling.

Maintaining Your Garden from Weed

Weeds are problem for many of us and keeping it under control seems to be an impossible task. A weed killer can help to some extent, but you need to do much more than that. If you are buying a weed killer make sure you buy the top quality week killer for your lawn. If you were to track every hour spent in your garden, you would probably find that you do an inordinate amount of weeding. Weeds can be controlled without resorting to weedkillers. When it comes to removing lawn weeds, the most direct tactic is still the simplest and best: pull them. Liquid weed spray usually provides better weed control than a granular product. And while the first few weeks of tearing up these intruders can prove mildly satisfying, the chore soon wears thin. Weed killer for your garden

  • Cultural or organic control measures rely on killing or restricting the weeds by physical action, from manual removal to smothering, burning and using weed barriers.
  • Carry a lightweight bucket to hold the weeds you gather, and keep a tool in the bucket that makes weeding easier.
  • You can cover more thoroughly or do spot treatment of lawn weeds with a liquid.
  • Even more maddening—you are just six simple strategies away from your garden not needing weeds anymore.
  • Weeds can be controlled whenever they are troublesome, which is usually in the spring and summer months.


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One of the most popular service requested of dentists nowadays is teeth whitening. Your smile says a lot about you. If you do not have the perfect pearly white smile you will feel self conscious and hesitant to smile and show off your teeth. Society has placed a lot of emphasis on perfection in just about every form and that is why teeth whitening have become so popular. However, how do you find the best teeth whitening products?

When your teeth are stained from smoking tobacco or from drinking coffee or any of those products that cause stains most people find this embarrassing and refuse to give a big bright smile whenever they are told a joke. The ability to laugh freely is taken away because you are of the opinion that your teeth are not beautiful and white the way you imagine they should be.
What are the best teeth whitening products and do they work?

Teeth whitening products are made using a mixture of peroxide to bleach the teeth. This mixture, which is placed on the enamel of your teeth is able to soak through its inner layer and due to the porous nature of the teeth the mixture soaks in resulting in you experiencing whiter teeth.

There are several methods involved in the teeth whitening process:

Visit your dentist to have the teeth whitening procedure done. This has proven to be a very effective method however, it can be expensive. Most people cannot afford this expensive procedure so they rely on other cheaper effective methods.

Whitening at home – Whitening your teeth at home is very cost effective, however you first must find the best teeth whitening products for this to be effective. Whitening at home can take the form of whitening toothpastes, solution that bleach the teeth, whitening strips and gels that are painted on the teeth.

Whitening toothpastes contains whitening agents that remove stains from your teeth. They will not actually change the color of your teeth, but will make them appear whiter as they remove stains. The ingredients in these toothpastes can wear down the enamel in your teeth.

Bleaching solutions: These are available as mouth guards that are placed over the teeth. They contain peroxide which bleaches the teeth enamel.

Whitening Strips: This is a strip containing bleaching solution that is placed over your teeth.

Gels: A special whitening gel is used to paint the teeth. This method is safe and inexpensive. The results will be visible in several weeks.

These are the popular methods of whitening the teeth that are used today. Choose one that is convenient for you to use and which you will feel is safer.

There are several brands of teeth whitening products available on the market. Brands such as Colgate, Crest, Arm and Hammer, Rembrandt and Pronamel are all brands that are well-known and I am sure they offer great results in whitening discolored teeth. However, of all the brands that has been successfully reviewed and has been known to perform the best is the Idol white teeth whitening product. Idol whitening promises very safe and effective whitening method that is non abrasive, easy to use and works really fast leaving you with beautiful white teeth. The idol white effect is just as effective as the dentist procedure. Your teeth will look sparkling and bright as if you just left the dentist.