Elderly Exercise And Benefits of Shower Chair

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Easy elderly exercises will give you ways to find health benefits,activities,outdoor fun, and ways to improve your body image as we approach old age. This will include secret simple methods to get slimmer,trimmer,stronger,more flexible,have more energy and have improvement in many areas of your health. Improvements in blood pressure,heart rate,lower cholesterol,lower triglycerides will be some of the benefits of easy elderly exercise. It will require a little effort-what good thing doesn’t- and will make you feel great-when the energy kicks in because of the endorphins chemical effects.

You will see the exercises and how to perform them painlessly and very slowly in the beginning. The benefits of getting more active on a pretty consistent basis will have dramatic, positive effects in many things you do. The key is activity and not being a couch potato. It is possible to slow the aging process and get back that enviable, terrific body image you thought was not possible for someone over 50. You will find many examples of us older seniors still dancing,bowling swimming and doing things you may not believe you can still do. For example, take Miss Pearl age 94 who dances twice a week, but not on the same two days she goes bowling.

It is very possible to change you shape even into the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. I was amazed at the shape of a 74 year old friend who did small amounts of exercise, all the time keeping it easy and simple and teaches horseback riding lessons on the side. We know only so well that we just don’t always do what we could at age 25,but that does not mean we must sit on the sofa watching TV because we think we are too old. It only means that with a little effort on our part, we can change ourselves. I have 2 more friends in their 80’s who bowl and go dancing regularly and do some serious fishing in the ocean.

As we also know that as people become old, their bodies become weak and they start losing weight. Health also starts deteriorating and your body is in danger of many dreadful diseases. Elderly people hence need special care apart from various equipment that make their life little easier and also safe. For example, elderly people are at far more risk of falling in bathroom and hence you may buy a shower chair that not only make it easier for them to take bath without the support of others, but also reduces the chances of falling in bathroom. There are many benefits of best shower chairs that we will discuss later in this article.

Elderly ExerciseCaution: anyone with medical issues, and at our ages who doesn’t, should just get a doctor approval for some easy,stimulating mild exercise. Getting an altered body image is as simple as doing easy elderly exercises and modifying diet, some of you think you are too old to make the changes, you will surprise yourself with a new look that is slimmer, trimmer, stronger,and as an added bonus you will have a new look, a new feel ,a new altered body image. That has got to make you feel good about yourself.

Why Elderly Need a Shower Chair

Elderly people with disabilities or that are confined to a wheelchair suffer much more than just limited mobility. If you have mobility or balance difficulties, taking a shower or a bath can be really risky business. At the end of a long day, it is a treat to unwind under a stream of hot water. Getting a shower chair is definitely a wise decision to make, especially if you or a family member is starting to experience mobility or balance problems. There’s a sense of needing and becoming dependent on other people when you can’t do the little things for yourself anymore and that can have a very negative impact on one’s quality of life.

  • For most people, it is a time to wash away the cares of the day, or wake up to the start of a new day.
  • But a shower seat can make your shower experience even more relaxing, providing you with a comfortable spot to sit and rest your tired feet at the end of the day.
  • A shower chair may seem like a very simple device, but the benefits it offers can make a huge difference in your life as well as that of your family.
  • A little bit of independence can go a long way when it comes to a person’s quality of life.
  • But, if you face physical challenges, the act of bathing can be scary at best.

Shower chairs for elderly 2018Simply take a seat and allow the water to wash away the stress of the day. These benefits will surely be well worth any amount you spend in buying the chair. Owning a shower or bath chair can help you be and feel more independent. Instead of putting your health at risk, you should know why the disabled and elderly need to use shower chairs. If you are sitting while in the shower, your legs won’t get tired.

Comfort – look for good ergonomic designs and the availability of waterproof cushioning. The warm water feels so good on those aching joints and muscles and you may find that you may finally be able to relax in the warm water and wash away any worries of the day. Shower chair has basic design in common. That gives you the time to enjoy all the benefits of a shower. Ease of cleaning – warm, humid conditions enable many moulds and other microorganisms to thrive so look for a chair with smooth, seamless surfaces and antibacterial, easy-clean materials.

A shower chair usually consists of several elements or parts. For example, by using an adjustable shower head you can have a steady, pulsating, or massage-like stream of water. These elements or parts include the seat as the main part, the legs, the arm rest, and back rest. And if the shower head is detachable, you can move that flow wherever you want on your body. Typical shower chair has two main features. Sit, relax, and let the shower water soothe away the pressures of your day. First, a shower chair has well-textured seat surface to prevent users from slipping out the seat.

Why Exercise is important for elderly

Benefits of exercise are many and they vary with each of us because we all are unique. So what will work for most may not work for some people. One example is ,some of us are allergic to sit ups. The fabled Jack LaLanne could do 1000 in one day. Does not work for me. But crunches-the belly exercise and not the snack food- do work. Later we will show the many varieties of crunches that do work for us. So, what to do. Different exercises will help different folks because of that uniqueness.

just a few Benefits of exercise include:

  • improved blood circulation
  • improved and lower blood pressure
  • improved higher energy levels
  • improved waste elimination

These benefits of exercise that lead the way to better health will not only elevate your good mood because of the brain releasing endorphins, but also greatly increase your energy levels. Increased energy levels help get you going, which then leads to a better functioning body. Almost all your bodily functions will improve. That should elevate your mood-make you feel good.

Now, for those of you training for senior iron-man and iron-woman competitions or marathons, this is not for you. It is for us everyday folk who need and will greatly benefit from moving our bodies more, eating more natural foods and having energy to spend fighting fatigue.

The benefits of exercise outweigh the objections. Sure we might think we don’t have the time or we “don’t feel like it” or we’d rather sit on the couch and watch TV. Anything that improves body function is well worth the minimal effort it takes to simply feel better. We all want to feel our best.

Activities for Elderly

Activities that many of us can do will improve our overall well-being. Whether it is sport,recreation,or any activity that involves gettin us going, the exercise we do at that time will pay benefits for us in the long run. Since the news tell us that over 70% of Americans are over weight-due to diet and lack of exercise. Anything that is physically stimulating through exercise has incredible health giving benefits. That’s just a short list of ways to get going. Your imagination can come up with many more ways of moving it, but the whole idea is to move more. Just consider your health BENEFITS. See yourself feeling much better than when you used to sit doing nothing.

Nature hikes with family has given many of us enough exercise to improve bodily function and given us that good feeling of well being. It happens like that when we get outside, breath fresh air, make the lungs work a bit, get the circulation going. It happens when we throw a strike in bowling,enjoy the downhill rush of skiing-President Ford skied into his 80s-or simply get out into nature.

Rejuvenation happens with our increased body movement. The body responds by working better in a more healthy way.Being active slows the aging process ,lowers stress levels,makes us happier, more content, and puts life back in balance Many seniors in assisted living places, keep alert with things like Tai Chi,swimming, golf and even bingo. Quality of life is one very important benefit that comes with with participating in any of those things listed. Being active with friends and family adds to that quality.